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VNRE - Situated in a prime location close to the center of Sapa town, with a total area of 47.45 hectares, of which 254.503 m2 of forest and surrounded by a part of 661 protective forests, Mercure Sapa Resort & Spa is a world-class, sync, modern and eco-friendly resort paradise.

Get the design ideas from the picture symbolizing the ground and typical terraced fields of Sapa land, Mercure Sapa Resort & Spa is a clever combination of sturdy, powerful, deliberate but stable squares with the softness, flexibility and versatility of the curves creating an absolute harmony with the natural scenery of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Mercure Sapa Resort & Spa is planned, designed and built by the domestic and foreign leading consultants.

Convenient transportation: 37 km away from Lao Cai city in the southwest, located on the traffic road connecting Sapa and Hang Da village, located in the south of Sapa town, away from Sapa center 800m along Cau May Street.

Services and amenities: In addition to the resorts, Mercure also owns the heliport, mountain golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, spa, art and cuisine areas, etc.


Mercure Sapa Resort & Spa include 4 zones with different design styles that make up the diversity and freshness to the resort but still remain common features creating uniformity and consistence.

4 zones:

- Spring Villa: Samu Villas & Forest Club

Located in the east and south of the project, 158 villas are located in the pine forest with construction area of average 80m2/villa.

- Summer Resort: Mercure Sapa

The works with a block of low-rise architecture consists of one basement and three floors, with Vietnamese architectural style

- Autumn villas: Sapa Villas & Mountain Club

City house area includes simple but sophisticated and luxurious two-story houses with French classic but very rustic characteristics in mountain setting. Mutil-purpose villas are designed to reproduce the famous tourist street in the heart of Sapa town.

- Winter Villa: Summit Villas & Sky Club

The focus is the Presidential villa located on a hilltop with altitude 1,587m with clear and wide vision, helping landlords admire all the spectacular natural scenery of Sapa.

Master plan for the whole area and the detailed design of each villa has been studied by architects to be able to maximize the advantages of geographical location, natural landscape and the natural climate of the project. Surrounding landscape is paid attention to when designing with the criteria to keep intact as possible the natural beauty, bring to the honest and close feeling and harmony with nature. Each internal path for walk or bordering roads around the resort is very natural.

To bring more choices for customers, Mercure Sapa Resort & Spa offers 10 different types of resort villas in accordance with each use need and preference.

Each villa has an area of 80m2 - 300m2 located completely in a beautiful campus to create a separate and quiet space that is perfect for relaxation. The design is sturdy but soft and subtle, using selective color and materials, easily in harmony with the natural landscape outside.

The villas are located on a gently sloping terrain, along the hillside with spectacular views over the valley and the forests below. Taking advantage of the topography, the rooms in the villa are designed to open up to all the space that you can enjoy the feeling close to nature in the most beautiful views.

Living room is an open space with kitchen connecting to bar, creating a liberal, spacious and convenient feel for small indoor parties. The fireplace cleverly designed in the living room is not only a focal point for the room, but also brings new experiences to your family in cold days in Sapa.

Depending on the form of villas, number of bed room can range from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The bedrooms are designed as miniature hotel rooms, with luxury and convenience. Bedroom window and balcony overlook the front, showing the beautiful sight of the valley ahead in the eyesight.

Around the front porch and a small balcony on the second floor are the ideal places for moments of rest, and relax, sipping a cup of aromatic coffee and watching the valley dusky with mist, or sunbeam piercing through clouds forming beautiful natural picture.

The main material to make the buildings here are stone, wood and glass with the target to be simple, elegant and close to nature. All equipment, furniture and are equipped with standard by Mercure Accor. The floor is covered by natural sammu wood bearing harsh weather and with the smell of turpentine that is very good for health.

For further information, please contact:

Truong Giang Sapa Joint-Stock Company
Add: No 9 Slot 4A, Trung Hoa str., Cau Giay dist., Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.3783 5707 - Fax: 84.4.3783 5706
Email: contact@sapaland.com

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