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Kumho Asiana Plaza is a hotel, office, apartment and retail complex building being constructed in the financial sector of the Central Business District, in an area predominately known as the financial sector of the city. The building offers approximately 78,281 sqm of leaseable area with 3 basement parking areas.


Exclusive Managed by Colliers

AC Centralized System

100% back up power

Fire protection system


Office: 21 Floors (31,562 sqm); ceiling height of 3.9m

Retail: 2 floors (6,880 sqm); ceiling height of 4.5m to 5m.

Parking: 3 basements parking areas (40,890 sqm) with 810 car parking lots.

Lifts: 8 elevators for passengers and 1 service lift.

Lease Details:

Leasable space of 200 sqm at least. Total: 31,562.00 sq.m

Contact Information

Anh Nguyen
Office Leasing
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (84) 8 8275665 - (84) 909459799

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