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Ben Thanh Tower is close to Ben Thanh Market with good access to the heart of the CBD, district 4 and district 7. In the future will provide easy access to the East-West Boulevard for Long An and the Mekong Delta.

This is an international standard mixed use office, retail and residential tower with total gross floor area of 18,000 sqm. The project comprises 8,429 sqm residential area with 1,446 sqm parking basement, 1,555 sqm office for lease and 168 sqm retail area. Facilities comprise a swimming pool, fitness centre and cafe on the roof terrace providing excellent views of the City.

The residential area is from the 5th floor to the 19th floor with 87units for sale ranging from 58 - 75 sqm for one bed units; 91- 101 sqm for 2 bed units and 145 - 158 sqm for 3 bed units.


Address: 172-174 Ký Con, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0903 33 91 99
Website: cbrevietnam.com
Email: anh.huynh@cbre.com

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