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Triton Towers is situated at the centre of North An Khanh , the biggest urban area in Northern Vietnam, by Lang Hoa Lac dual carriage way. With its superb location directly on the hot spot of North An Khanh- Ha Noi, this project is brilliant combination of elegant apartment residences and stylish international shopping centre at its best. Minh Viet Investment Corporation is the lead investor in this 145 million dollars project.

This 17,211 m2 land at Phuong Vien, Song Phuong Commune, Hoai Duc District, Ha Noi will be masterfully translated with energy and excitement into the physical form of Tricon Towers by the internationally acclaimed Singapore-based firm, Design Consultant Company, RDC. The Tricon Towers features a design that distinguishes itself from anything seen before. From floor plans and sightlines to colors and materials, architects and designers have approached each of Tricon Towers’s 732 multiple purpose residences as a unique work of art, with the appeal of new experiences and sense of pleasure. Each apartment has 2 – 5 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, a study room blended with highest quality of technology available such as telephone/ internet access, cable TV and air-conditioning.

Tricon Towers are surrounded by public parks and lakes hence a breath of fresh air is only a step away. Natural resources are effectively put into practice to serve diverse desires of residents. Multiple levels of gardens that are superbly designed as an added bonus to the 2- storey units and penthouses provide an extravagent venue for outdoor activities and other entertainments.

Ultra-exclusive amenities are available for all residents and guests – including 2 olympic sized swimming pools , VIP sky lounge, public clubs, children play ground , open-air yard and fitness centre. Adding to the ultimate privileged atmosphere, the building offers exquisite restaurants, a luxurious shopping centre, high standard kindergartens, world renowned heath care centre.

The premises is protected by around the clock security. Each floor has two emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Modern elevator systems meet strict requirements with fast performance. Residents and guests of the shopping centre are accommodated with 5 floors of secure parking facilities.

The Tricon Towers is the embodiment of elegance, comfort and class.

The project will be carried out by international construction group under supervision and inspection by independent quality control and management in order to meet our completion date in the third quarter of 2011.

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