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A well park, with adjoining resort hotels serving the entire development a dry park, with the latest amusement activities, both indoor and outdoor A recrealtional club, to cater for the needs of long-term residents seeking activities but not requiring short-term accommodation. Long-lease comdominiums Tertiary academic institutions on the fringes of the theme park where students can partake of the leisure lifestyle and study at the same time.In order to reach out to the largest possible number of people, our theme perk will include modern rail connections ti the rest og Vung Tau City and even beyond to Ho Chi mInh City itselt, to aloe direct marketing and promotions to occur from HCMC airport right down to our very doorstep at Wonderful World.

B.RESORT HOTEL:30,000 m2
TOTAL: 316,300 m2

Planning a theme park for the future requires careful research of the most popular entertainment trends as well as the ability to update any attraction as the lifestyles of the young change and as technology constantly wets their appetite for newer and more exciting attractions. Suffice to say, out theme park will have among its attractions technology centric amusements in indoor venues akin to Disney’s Epcot Centre, Natural ‘Rainforest’ attractions and eco-adventures o suit our Tropical setting, Water Chutes, slides and Tidal Pools likeDubai’s ‘Wild Wadi’ as well as Artificial Winter ocosystems to cater to the demands of the millions of South – East – Asians who havenever enjoyed proper winter as well as thousands of expatriate workers nostalgic for the sight of snow.Whereas the individual attractions, their names and their target audience will change over time, our concept of a successful theme park in Wonderful World will not, it will always be to provide world class entertainment and leisure to even the most jaded palate, as well as to bring cheer to the world’s most demanding customers- little children, and in doing so indirectly improve the lives of millions of otherwise suffering people-their parents.

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