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Located in a very convenient location which is near 2 such main roads as Nguyen Luong Bang and Huynh Tan Phat streets, adjacent to My Hung new urban area and Tan Thuan processing zone in the North, adjacent to Hiep Phuoc Industrial zone, Can Giờ eco-forest, Nha Be river as well as other areas and next to Phu Thuan International Port, Blue Diamond Tower becomes the center of Nha Be district.

Blue Diamond is a collection of 5-towers luxury condominium complex that features exquisite design, extraordinary layout, and avant-garde facilities. The five residential towers vary in position and height and include a 32-storey, two 25-storey, a 21-storey, and a 19-storey buildings. They accommodate 485 condo units of 2 & 3 bedrooms with total areas ranging from 100-140 square meters (1100-1500 sq. feet). Each tower is laid out in a way that gives maximum views of the spectacular landscapes surrounding the, complex.

In addition to the five residential towers, the complex houses two outdoor swimming pools, a 2-level basements of parking spaces (400,000 sq. ft.), and a 5-storey commercial center (200,000 sq. ft.) designed for upscale shopping, gym, kindergarten, workout/fitness center, entertainment center, and other.

Blue Diamond Towers are created to offer an artistic, resort-type living environment for people who demand lively community atmosphere, stylish living, and an urban lifestyle with superior amenities. The unique motive for the design of the towers was created by a renowned architectural firm in Singapore. Tender document works and selection of construction company are assigned to a British consulting firm. Construction Management and Project Management services are being considered to be awarded to a U.S. construction management company.

We have taken efforts to ascertain that Blue Diamonds condo owners are provided with superior aesthetics of architectural design, high quality of construction workmanship, smooth interior finishing, and the extraordinary feeling of upscale living.

When condo units are announced for individual condo ownership, the Company will issue sale contracts to buyers. Upon completion of condo units in the project, the city authorities will provide certificates of Land Use Rights to condo-owners in accordance with the prevailing laws of Vietnam

Development scale:

Total area: 19,330 sq.m
Apartment area: from 90 sq.m to 168 sq.m
Number of apartments: 700 – 1000
Blocks: five 90-168 sq.m blocks.
4-5 floor commercial center.


2 basements with total area of 19,330 sq.m
Adult swimming pool
Reading room
Separate gyms for boys and girls
Game room
Children’s recreation park including underwater and surface games
Walkway for both adults and childrens
Separate parking for shopping customers
2 tennis courts
Open air barbecue area.
Sky Garden (Hanging Garden)
2 gates to apartment area: 11-20m
Tennis court on the top floor of trading center

Extra Information

Starting time: 1/2008
Completion time: 12/2010
Developer: Van Phat Hung Joint Stock Company
Design Unit: Ong and Ong (Singapore)
Construction Density: 24.83%.

For further informations, please contact:

Address: Phu Xuan town, Nha Be Distr., Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (84) 8 7858888
Website: www.vanphathung.com
Email: info@vanphathung.com.vn

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