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An apartment with reasonable price, full facilities and green and clear living environment surrounded is really a dream of many people…

E.Home is located in the route Nguyen Xuan Hop and Duong Dinh Hoi, and it takes 20 minutes of driving to Central area , south Sai Gon and other nearby industrial areas. One strong point of E.Home is that it is adjacent to important systems like Thu Thiem tunnel, East – West highway, Ho Chi Minh – Long Thanh – Dau Giay express highway and near commercial financial city centers.
Solution for stable incomers

With a concept that “ the living qualities must be high, even the property price is not high at all”, E.Home apartments therefore, focus on constructing projects that sastisfy technical and social comprehensive infrastrucutres in order to serve the community.

Beside such amenities as public club, children playground, E.Home will completely explore all advantages from other nearby facilities like schools, parks, markets, etc.

In order to increase living standard, its developer also develop some more other facilities like general clinic, mini supermarket…which brings the apartment’s hostess the feelings of comfort.

Active living environment

You can enjoy a fresh morning with your family, watching sincere people jogging, doing exercise or greeing for a new day.

You can also glance your lovely children playing happily on the meadow, riding on the wings, or playing on slides. Every afternoon, family can have a walk together along the park.

Can you feel a modern, active and friendly community life?

Multi-functional design

Designed appropiately into 3 blocks, E.Home owns not only an extremely environment where there area full of wind and light but also a central park inside the 3 blocks which help to create a green space. The inhabitants here will find here an ideal place to live.

+ Size: 10.253 sq.m
+ Number of blocks: 3
+ Height: 5.5 floors
+ Number of apartments: 312
+ Average area of each apartment: 60 sq.m
For further informations, please contact:

Address: Dương Đình Hội, Dist 9, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (84) 8 8730619
Website: namlongadc.com
Email: info@namlongadc.com

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