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Ciputra Hanoi International City is a self-contained City, being constructed in one of Hanoi¡¦s most desirable locations, between Hanoi City Centre, Noi Bai International Airport and West Lake. This project is Vietnam¡¦s largest ever housing project and is being constructed in anticipation of the rapid growth of population and economic development in the Hanoi City. The project is namely the first joint venture project approved by the Government to further develop the modern lifestyle of Hanoi City.

The first phase development (South East Area) of Ciputra Hanoi International City comprised of 7 residential blocks and 460 town houses, including infrastructure, utilities, roads, lighting systems and public facilities. The apartments are modern in style, with a touch of additional luxury to satisfy the higher demands and ideals of residents seeking a modern lifestyle at an affordable price.

The Main Gate to Ciputra Hanoi International City has been dubbed ¡¥The Gate to a New Lifestyle¡¦. The elaborate gate highlights the entrance to a new existance, connecting all those who pass under its arches into a new modern living concept. The modifications of this gate, with its intricate detailing, and sixteen statues of horses taking flight, can bee seen as a reflection of the community¡¦s transition to a modern urban lifestyle.

Source: www.ciputrahanoi.com.vn/ - Images: E8Club

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