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As for Amber Court, with a total land area of 2,905.65 sq.m with the proposed plot ratio of 1:5.5. The proposed building plinth is about 57.9% of the development, while the landscape and circulation is about 42.1%. There are 1 block of 17 stories apartment consist of a level of communal facilities at Level 1, with a total of 325.12 sq.m net area and circulation space of 707.82 sq.m. There are 4 units of shop, management and maintenance office, common toilet, services compartment, car park and vehicle drop-off area. While motorcycle parking is on Level 2 with a gross area of 1028 sq.m. Typical Apartment is located at Level 3 to Level 16, penthouse is at Level 17. At Level 3, a private garden deck is designed serve the occupants.

The living space at each level has a total area of 803 sq.m consist of 8 units of apartment connected by the circulation space approximately 180 sq.m with corridor approximately 2 metres width, 1 passenger lifts with lobby, an emergency lift and 2 emergency staircases is provided. There are generally 3 types of design for typical apartment, and 2 types design for penthouse. The sizes are 93.88 sq.m and 106.99 sq.m, penthouse are sizes 190.70sq.m and 220.86 sq.m respectively. Each typical apartment has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, kitchen, yard and air-conditional compartment.

The architectural expression inspired by contemporary architecture, combines basic shapes and simple lines to create a streamlined aesthetic, bringing a sense of modern life to the building. The building façade’s neutral white colour with strong red-orange colours highlights, aims to create a touch of originality and elegance. A flexible combination of materials; such as reinforced concrete, glass, steel, aluminium, reinforced lightweight concrete fins vertically and horizontally, plaster with groove lines finished with weather shield paint. All external grooves and corner return edges on finished plaster are to be constructed with beading for consistent finish.

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