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On January 24, Tai Nguyen Construction - Production - Trading Company held a ceremony to officially announce Kenton Residences project located at 116A Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien, about 5 km south to Ho Chi Minh City Centre. Kenton Residences project drew special attentions of property investors and homebuyers.

The project is situated in a favourable position, just on the front of Nguyen Huu Tho Street and in proximity of high-end Phu My Hung Urban Zone, FV Hospital, RMIT University, luxury apartments and villas range. Roads leading from the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City to the project location are quite broad, making Kenton Residences the home for people seeking a place to escape the cramped life and traffic congestions in the city.

Kenton Residences, located on a campus of 90,500 square metres by the side of the Rach Dia River, is divided into three sections (Plaza, Sky Villa and Residence) with nine buildings and 1,640 apartments in addition to shopping centres and luxury entertainment centres. Particularly, Kenton Residences is designed as an oasis in the heart of the city, surrounded by a system of trees and lakes that create the harmony of humans and living environment. This will be a community destination constituted by three factors: People, place and ecology. The world of utilities in the project is formed by a relatively large land fund for creating a site for community activities of the residents during public holidays.

“Owners of Kenton Residences are entitled to use this area from the date of signing apartment purchase contracts,” said Vu Anh Tam, the project investor, said. Additionally, Kenton Residences has a hanging garden on the lake island where residents can relax, read books or do physical exercises. The project investor has applied smart card system in parking lots - a method described as the most advanced in developed countries in the region like Japan and South Korea. The buildings are protected 24 hours a day and all public areas are installed with surveillance cameras. Each floor of the buildings has two-way emergency exits. Doors of all apartments are fireproof.

The project is a product of spirit of a senior architect and lecturer, Vu Anh Tam - President and CEO of Tai Nguyen Production, Production and Trading Company. The work is built by reliable constructors in Vietnam like Hoa Binh Construction Company and CotecCons. According to Mr Chew Yen Keen, Project Manager, the construction of Kenton Residences is in right progress and has completed 50 %. As many as 100 first apartments in Block I-2, Plaza section are offered for sales in the first round and 64 of them were registered buy homebuyers.

“Characteristically surrounded by rivers, it is not a wise decision if we do not take advantage of this to create an urban zone with residential clusters which are located by the side of the river, making them look like a grape bunch,” said Mr Tam. His idea is also the concern of many planners for the development of a seaward economy.

Reported by Phan Thanh/ VCCI News

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