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Designed by Gao Ge Company (China) and built by Sino- Pacific, Starlight Bridge, 170m long, 8.3m wide, developed by Phu My Hung Corporation across Thay Tieu arroyo links Canal District and The Crescent. With nearly capital investment of VND 50 billions, it has been the most modern and most beautiful pedestrian bridge in Vietnam.

Harmonizing surrounding environment, Starlight bridge which meets both communication and sight requirement brings visitors a feeling of carefree and happiness when wandering this bridge.

With a system of LEDs lights on the bridge surface, illuminated waterfalls, Starlight Bridge is like an outstanding light line connecting Canal District and the Crescent in the night. When walking on the bridge, visitors feel like they are wandering in the galaxy.

Besides Starlight pedestrian bridge, Cau Tieu 2 bridge for vehicle has being built. Both are estimated to complete on 24/02/2010.

Investor: Phu My Hung Corporation

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