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The Dic Phoenix complex project is part of the project in Chi Linh Centre project invested by the DIC Corp.

Project location allows easy contact with the petroleum industry zone, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Bai Sau Resort, Chi Linh Resort - Cua Lap, Saigon Atlantic Resort ; Wonderful Park and an important traffic hub is Vung Tau Airport, Vung Tau Bus Station, Commercial Port,...

Buildings designed by Archipel Architects company (France).

Dic Phoenix project is built on an area: 27.645m2, including hotel project's campus area: 12.574m2, apartment project's campus area: 15.071m2.

To ensure no blocked vision for the area around, the complex designed including: 23 storeys tower (hotels - offices), 25 and 27 storeys towers (apartments). The total investment of about 1.620 billion VND. The project is expected to be completed in 2 years.

The arrangement of high-rise blocks of residential alternately to ensure free of vision and create a harmonious style often found in coastal urban areas.

Dic Phoenix hotel - office

01 block hotel - office are designed according to international standards 4 stars with a total land area: 12.574m2; construction area: 4.849m2; total floor area: 56.043m2; construction density: 26.06%; number of floors: 23 floors, building height: 90.55m.

Building scale is 23-storey high, 06 serviced-floors, 05-storey office, 12-storey hotel (from floor 9 ÷ 20) has 348 rooms, including 288 standard rooms, each room area from 29-30m2 and 60 suite rooms has 36m2 area of each room.

All projects are designed with modern international 4-star standard, unique architectural. The project is a unique point for the Chi Linh new urban, architectural of Dic Phoenix was studied towards creative, modern, luxurious and unique to become a center point of the area. To create a modern architectural style for the blocks, the entire facade of the block is designed to simplify detail, in accordance with modern style. Based on the layout of the Eclipse and soft towel, decorative details are carefully selected, put into building a gentle but very concise on the vertical and ensure harmony on overall.

The functional areas of hotels and offices are arranged mix outdoor terrace areas, logia aims to create spaces to relax, the landscape for the blocks, while reducing the greenhouse effects through the arrangement of trees interspersed between each other; whole office area is designed to open completely; The hotel bedrooms are divided into several categories, flexibility in business and use of customers.

Dic Phoenix apartment buildings

Location of Dic Phoenix apartment building project are very nice, situated near Bau Trung Lake. Scale of Dic Phoenix apartment buildings: 02 blocks 25 and 27 storey high-rise apartment.

- Total land area: 15.071m2; Construction area: 7.865m2; building floor area: 70.225m2; floor area used: 59.689m2. Basement arranged car park for 2 wheel and 4 wheel, water container and waste water treatment container. From floor 1st to 3rd arranged commercial area, entertainment and restaurants. From floor 4th to 27th arranged about 460 highclass apartments. Each apartment is from 2-3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, WC, ... Elevator, garbage disposal, fire protection, cable TV, telecommunications,... comprehensive and modern.

All the materials used inside and outside the buildings are high-quality materials, luxurious, suitable for sea climate, ensuring durability, comfort for apartment owners.

Buildings located in convenient transportation area, adjacent to Bau Trung Lake and not limited visibility into the sea, cube separated into three blocks tower on a firm sole. The building blocks are arranged with the purpose picked up wind from the sea and enlarge vision to the Bau Trung Lake to make the most of the natural landscape of the area.

For further information, please contact:

Development Investment Construction Group
265 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 8, Vung Tau City
Tel: 84.64.385 9248 - Fax: 84.64.356 0712
Email: info@dic.vn - Website: www.dic.vn

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