» » Ecological resort and urban zone of over 2,050 hectares to be built in Phu Tho

Vnre.blogspot.com - Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real estate Co., Ltd has announced a detailed plan with ratio of 1/2000 for Tam Nong Ecological Tourism Urban zone.

The total land area of the project is 2,050 hectares. It is expected to be a complex of ecological resort, urban area, and entertainment centre, of which license was approved by the People's Committee of Phu Tho province on 28 January 2010.

According to the plan, Tam Nong project will include a 336-hectare golf course, 340-hectare luxury villas area 1, 222-hectare luxury villas area 2, 350-hectare resort area, and 152-hectare urban centre.

The entertainment park covers 105-hectare area while the sport complex 146 hectares, casino 107 hectares and horseracing track 144 hectares.

Viet Han previously announced the detailed plan with ratio of 1/500 for Castle Plaza apartment, leasing office and service area complex with total land area of 12.17 hectares. Of that, apartment section covers 54,850 m2, while the office-commercial- public services complex covers 9,238 m2, school area (for primary and secondary schools) covers 21,379 m2, and the rest 13,796 m2 is for green, ground and sport areas.

The project is sited on 136 Ho Tung Mau Road, Cau Dien, Hanoi.

The construction will start going under construction in the forth quarter and be handed over for use in the third quarter of 2013.

Source: CafeF/ compiled by Intellasia

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