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VNRE - A harmonized blend of high-rises and premium villas. A view of greeneries surrounded by plantations and rivers. A fully-furnished, conveniently located place, surrounded by shopping malls, connected by metro tram lines and main traffic routes… All define a class of living – Thao Dien Pearl. Get to know it!


Within minutes using the metro tram service, you are downtown. Do not miss out on any party because of traveling or traffic jams. Being so conveniently located, it is a common destination and allows you to get everywhere with ease. Modern infrastructure is a pride in any of your conversations. Distance will no longer be a reason for losing touch with friends as they can easily visit you and vice versa. For you, there is never a feeling of isolation.


Only 5 minutes of metro tram service, you are in downtown. Distance should no longer be an excuse for your absence at friend catch-up, as they will just come to your place. To you, does distance really exist?

Metro lines & station

From the first metro station at Ben Thanh, you will be in Thao Dien station in 5 minutes. There is not even enough time to skim through a news column. Try to snap as many photos as you possibly can within that short time. Is it Saigon or New York?

City infrastructure

The apartment – super market – service complex with basement parking being connected with city’s infrastructure projects, will meet all your requirements of location, services and amenities. With our infrastructure advantages of being a part of the development plan of Ho Chi Minh City, you can be proud of experiencing the most advanced amenities. This is class. We’ve chosen this land, to build and fill up your dreams. We understand and we build for you.


Each day of our lives consists of wonderful discoveries. While it takes only minutes to discover your desires are all around, you can’t be left lonesome. How comfortable it is when all the amenities are within walking distance. Everything is designed for you.


Nowhere else but at at Thao Dien Pearl can you find a place that divertas all of our concerns to the most important element – you.

The best services are brought to you under the supervision of international professional management, for a quality you deserve. We call that our excellent standard.

- Electronic security cards: your personal safety is our top concerns. With electronic security cards, you can have peace of mind in your apartment and within the boundaries of serviced area.
- Kindergarten: International standard kindergarten offers your children the best care and study environment.
- Gym: we care about your health, through a modern gym and a swimming with quiet surroundings.
- Laundry room: self-service laundry with coin-operated washing machines makes laundry fun or is simply a place to chat with your neighbors.

More than ever, you will receive our best support in even the smallest matters, with clear instructions.

At Thao Dien Pearl, your life is truly about relaxing and comfort.


2 convenient parking basements will remove the inconvenience of parking from you and your visitors.

Shopping center

With just a scarf on your shoulder, you could be the centre of attention. With a pair of genuine Italian shoes in a conference, there is no doubt about your fashion sense. And when a shopping center with fashion stores, entertainment, food and beverage is directly connected to a metro station, there is no reason to resist your desire.

All the world class fashion brands are here to satisfy your fashion desires, and of Thao Dien Pearl’s residents and the entire Thao Dien neighborhood. It is hard to tell if you define fashion or vice versa.


SSG Group is proud to develop ThaoDien Pearl with a capable crew of Vietnamese architects and engineers who work not only with competence, but also with hearts and comprehensive understanding of the land.

That explains why the development is such a landmark in the entire Thao Dien area, a unique design that blends into the surrounding neighborhood. This is the first 30+ building project that is 100% Vietnamese financed.

ThaoDien Pearl is really a shining pearl that we are proud to add into our portfolio.

For further information, please contact:

S.S.G Group Joint Stock Company
Add: 92 Nguyen Van Troi Sstreet, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3845 1720 - 3845 1723 - Fax: 84.8.3845 1732 - 38.451.921
Email: ssg@ssggroup.com.vn - www.ssggroup.com.vn

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