» » Pho Hien Market - a new landmark of the Hung Yen city

VNRE - Tomorrow, December 24-2010, Hoang Phat 2 Co., Ltd (member of Hoang Phat Group) will officially start construction of Pho Hien Market project on an area of more than 29,000 m2, with a total initial investment of nearly 300 billion VND.

The project is located in the city center of Hung Yen. Hoang Phat 2 has chosen architectural style combines large commercial center and traditional market. Accordingly, the Pho Hien market is a spacious, modern work to meet the commercial promotion, but retains the antique definition of "Pho Hien". Hoang Phat 2 has also studied the layout of internal traffic system; green campus and support works to create the ideal choice for investors.

Pho Hien Market includes the 7-storey main markets (including five storeys, 2 basement) with 1,030 kiosk, average area of 5 m2/kiosk; resettlement area and the business area. As expected, Pho Hien Market wil put into exploitation from 2014.

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