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VNRE - Located in the overall planning of The southwest cultural and sports park, the new administrative center of capital, on the traffic axis Me Tri - Pham Hung, where connecting the most typical and high-grade works of the city, Golden Palace project is building with three 30-storey tower, simulate three lotuses with continuous function of apartments, commercial centers and modern office.

Location and scale

Golden Palace is situated on two land lots bearing the symbol DV and CV 2.4.2 of the southwest cultural and sports park of Hanoi, Me Tri Road ,Me Tri commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi. With total area of 16.333m2, including building area accounts for only 7646.10m2 density of 46.8% and 36.9% corresponding to the podium and tower blocks. Project scale involves five basements and three 30-storey tower, the total floor area of entire project up to 203.227m2.

The project is split function as follows: basement B1 is the restaurant and catering services; Level 1st and 2nd will be the commercial center, Level 3rd is devoted to regional office for rent; Level 4th is utility service area; From the 5th floor to 29th floor is the apartment, floor 30 will be the area for sky garden villas. By design, Golden Palace includes more than 1000 apartments.

Architectural elegance and openness to make interference between life and natural in a open space, brimfull of light

- Take the most advantages from the project location is surrounded by four routes and the modern architecture building V-shape, creating the beautiful scenery, optimal light for each apartment.

- From living room to bedroom, kitchen and toilets are designed clearly, suitable to tropical climate and a lifestyle of Vietnamese, creating outstanding value for each apartment at Golden Palace, which is hardly found in the other works.

Comfort, sophistication and convenience are the especially hallmarks for the interior of each apartment

- Interior design with advanced materials (wood floor, wall cabinets, Nippon paint...), modern equipment (air conditioning, bathtub, jacuzzi massage...) with color coordination harmonious, luxurious to make highlight value of each apartment.

- Security system and intelligent management, fire doors, smoke sensors are the conditions to ensure a safe and peaceful life.


-Public utilities in Golden Palace are diversity and abundance (supermarkets, restaurants, spa, fitness center, swimming pools, kindergartens, hospitals...), designed logically between the towers to create convenient to use, serve best the needs of the population.

- Besides, Golden Palace inherits advantage from the surrounding community with green park, big cultural and entertainment center of city.

Unit plan

With 12 kinds of typical apartments and 23 kinds of penthouse, Golden Palace offers many options in a variety of design ideas: apartment for young family, apartment for generations family... Each unit is ideal living space, consistent with the purposes and expectations of the family.

Trade Center

Trade center at Golden Palace reachs the international standard with the participation of many brands from other countries around the world, diversity in types of goods: from furniture to fashion, electronics... to serve the most essential things for residents' life.


Offices in Golden Palace converges fully of the best conditions of space, of modern office equipment to bring to an optimal working environment, is primed for the path of success.

The project partners

- Investor: Mai Linh Investment Corporation and MB Real Estate JSC
- Architectural consultant: DA Group (Korea) and Kitaka Architecture (Vietnam)
- Main contractor: Keangnam Construction Group (Korea)

For more information please contact:

Mai Linh Investment Corporation
Add: 11N7B Trung Hoa, Nha Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.3783 4155 - 3783 4195 - 3555 8533
Hotline: 1900 555 888 - Fax: 84.4.3556 1844

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