» » VinaCapital mobilizes additional capital to invest in real estate

VNRE - VinaCapital said that they are mobilizing additional capital from foreign investors to establish two new funds to continue investing in companies in the country and in the real estate sector.

Mr Don Lam, general manager VinaCapital, said he had contact with many foreign investors in recent months to introduce investment opportunities in Vietnam, and this fund aims to mobilize between U.S. $300 - 500 million in the near future.

In its business portfolio, VinaCapital invests pretty much in real estate projects, targeting in the intermediate market segments and urban areas, such as: Dai Phuoc Lotus (Dong Nai), My Gia (Nha Trang), Ocean Villas and the Danang World Trade Centre (Da Nang), The Garland (HCMC).

Mr Don Lam said that the investment plans of VinaCapital will not invest in the project office building because the current supply of this market is very large and rental prices are trending down.

While the fund will continue investing in hotels and resorts because of the potential development of these markets are very large and international visitors to Vietnam are also increasing.

This fund will also continue to invest in the trade center project. In addition, the commercial project in Hochiminh City is preparing to participate in the market this year, VinaCapital expected to invest in more three projects in major cities in the future.

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