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VNRE - The project is constructed on main traffic axis of Tan Tuc down town, consisting of 22 blocks of high-rise apartment with commercial center at block base, height from 15 to 24 floors consisting 1,000 flats of which area of each flat is from 52 sqm to 140 sqm.

The apartment flat shape is nearly same, being designed as simple modulus. Customer can combine many flats together if large area space is required. This design creates architectural uniformity of the whole area. The general architecture is uniform, but lively due to designing of terrace system of apartment. With these lively spaces, the occupiers may enjoy more convenient, being in harmony with nature at outdoor of the flat.

Green tree cover, water surface, green park with entertainments are configured to intercalated in residential area. Total green tree coverage area is 41,228 sqm, whereof 9,100 sqm is green park area and 32,128 sqm is green tree coverage area on top of the building and respective green tree park in between of the housing rows; all being in harmony with water feature creating a wonderful landscape of the housing area.

We faced the problem of investment capital for obtaining standard of “green building“ project as we have to keep the finished cost of house not high and to maximum reduce the management cost. In order to meet such target, the investment must be done step-by-step in regard to using equipment which use solar energy the much more the better in residential area; especially in public area of 41,228 sqm. Thereby, the panel for absorbing the solar energy is placed on top of apartment block.

The ground floor of which height is 9m is designed as open and ventilated, functioning public service - This space in combination to green park, outdoor water surface create an open space which is moist and fresh due to water deature and green tree mass.

Location: Tan Tuc, Binh Chanh Dist, HCMC.
Site area: 64,000 sqm
Gross floor area: 336,000 sqm
Building height : 25F
Client/Owner: Architecture Asia Holdings.
Architecture firm: Fosup Holdings
Principal architect : Fosup Holdings
Structural engineer: Fosup Holdings
Mechanical & Electrical engineer: Fosup Holdings.

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