» » » » Vietnam students won the first prize in Design Against the Elements 2010

VNRE - With plan for "self-supporting disaster village", group of Vietnam students brought the first prize in the international architectural competition with the theme "Design against the effects by climate change."

Group of students:

- Dao Thanh Hai, class 07K1 - Hanoi Architectural University
- Dang Ngoc Anh, class 07K3 - Hanoi Architectural University.
- Nguyen Ha Thang, fourth-year students - Phuong Dong University.
- Tutor: Ms. Nguyen Hanh Nguyen, PhD, Architect, lecturer of Hanoi Architectural University.

The plan for "self-supporting disaster village" is a residential for low-income people, can confront natural disasters such as storms and floods.

Village planning based on land topography has created two "natural island" in order to minimizes the impact of flood, the group of homes can help each other when natural disasters happen. The idea about a home as a piston with two structure layers: the cover layer to prevent storm - the core layer to float upon the flood. The village is a model that could apply to many similar areas.

DATE - Design Against the Elements is a global architectural design competition meant to find a solution to the problems presented by climate change. The competition calls for people working in architecture, urban planning contribute to develop sustainable home against natural disasters for communities in the tropic urbans. Born in 1976, DATE - Design Against the Elements is held yearly.

In 2010, the competition was launched from 05-March and has attracted 400 entries from all continents.

Source: Design Against the Elements
Photo from Hanoi Architecture University' web

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