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VNRE - After years of waiting, Hanoi Museum was officially inaugurated. With the structure of "inverted pyramid", the museum has a total area of 53,963 sqm, 30.7 m high, with 4 storeys and two basements. This museum became the biggest and most modern in Vietnam.

The museum is arranged as a spiral shape with approximately 50,000 antiques. In the center is the image of the Dragon, surrounded by human themes, place-names and events.

The key messages that the museum sends visitors is: a Hanoi with typical natural characteristics; a Hanoi with depth of culture, a Hanoi repeatedly ravaged by war but people have stood up, fought and won.

Some recorded images in Hanoi Museum:

By design, the overall shape of the museum is the inverted pyramid 4-storey tower, in which floor 4th is the largest area, the smaller downstairs.

Great Hall of the Museum was designed circle and associated with the upper floors by floor-through space. Instead of using the stairs, a spiral ramp connecting all four floors.

Photo courtesy of GMP Architects & Hong Quan | Dat Viet.

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