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VNRE - The 5-star hotel called JW Marriott Hanoi was designed based on the idea of a romantic coast of Vietnam, inspired by images of "the legendary dragon," a very significant symbol in the ancient cultural heritage, imbued with Vietnam identity. This will be the only hotel located adjacent to the National Conference Center, My Dinh, Hanoi.

JW Marriott Hanoi is away 7.5 km form Hanoi center in west, and 22.5 km from the airport in south. According to the general planning of the city toward 2020, JW Marriott Hanoi will be surrounded by condominiums, villas, modern office buildings and parks in the future.

The composition of this hotel is spiral curves, located on 6.3 hectares with 9 floors with 450 rooms facing the lake which shows the prosperousness, combined with inner courtyard filled with green color of nature...

The main entrance through the 2nd floor of inner courtyard is formed by two parallel slabs, connected by a bridge. Guest parking separates from the inner courtyard. VIP parking is designed in the yard, adjacent to a luxury shopping mall.

Lobby will be equipped by a bar, a restaurant, souvenir shop, reception, shopping center, department of administration, small meeting rooms and a space reserved for relaxing with roof overlooking the lake. Besides, the hotel is arranged areas for cargo services as well as other services at the rear of the hotel.

Entertainment center is equipped by the big and small restaurants, 5,000 m2 for the shopping area, large hall 1,000 m2, can be divided into four small rooms, a smaller hall with an area of 500 m2 can also be divided into four small rooms and some other smaller meeting rooms.

Level 2 is the area for lobby, restaurants and special dining room, office area... The rooms are divided from the 3rd floor to floor 8th. On the 7th floor, there are three luxurious rooms, a Vice President room and a President room. On the 9th floor is equipped with indoor swimming pool, gym and an outdoor spa.

Construction materials are glass and wood that create a warm and luxurious and make hotel more prominent, harmonious with the natural landscape of the region.

JW Marriott Hanoi was designed by the famous American architect Carlos Zapata and will be managed by the U.S. hotel group Marriott International Corporation - a leading hotel management in the world.

Total investment capital of the project is $130 million and expected to be completed in 2012.

For further information, please contact:

Bitexco Group of Companies
Add: 2 lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.3835 3303 - Fax: 84.4.3835 1457
Email: bitexco@hn.vnn.vn.

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