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VNRE - On 3rd November, Ecopark Township has received 80 international delegates from the UK, the US, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark … to study its urban development model.

Mr. Le Van Thanh, Principal of University of Civil Engineering, shared with international guests: “At the present moment, the world is facing many global environmental risks, such as: climate change, drought, severe storm systems, earthquakes, forest fires, rainforest depletion, and pollution. All cities will have the responsibility of developing a living environment that is safe and sustainable, which will be a definite trend”.

“Ecopark is the first ecological development model in Vietnam. We welcome partnership with international investors for more ecological developments in Vietnam”, said Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, General Director of Vihajico.

On behalf of the delegation, Professor of Cathelic University (Chile), Mr. Alfredo Serpell, has highly assessed the project’s results so far. “This is a featured case of innovation and sustainable construction demonstrated by Vihajico. To transform from planning into being is a difficult process. We highly assess Ecopark’s achievements so far. The green city reserves to be a featured study model for many countries”, he said.

Source: Ecopark

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