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VNRE - Located in the north western part of Hanoi, just about 20 km from Noi Bai Internation Airport, Green Stars is the heart of a new urban area representing the hight quality living of the future. Green Stars is in the core of the future Exchange City, and is specially designed to merge with the green nature, earth and sky. Green Stars owns one of the most favourable locations in Hanoi adjacent to two major roads - Pham Van Dong and Hoang Quoc Viet, the main route to Noi Bai International Airport - the largest airport in the Northern Vietnam.

Architecture concept

Water is a pure source and purity all life. The architectural design of the project is evolves from the big lake in the center where life begins, to sprout, bud, and flourish for a strong development. The large and small lakes forming around the central lake, are created in the image of rain falling to earth, bringing the source of life for plants to grow. These building are considered as green plants sprouting from the earth, nourished by the rain and developed in accordance to the beat of the land.

Connected with nature

When the nature is connect and gathered at a place, that is when all things in life are balanced. Green Stars, is where the green areas, the trees and rivers all blend together to form a total spectrum of nature. Green Stars is a green city with a clean system of vegetation, lakes and parks. Our advanced facilities will provide residents a comfortable life truly connected with nature...

Connected with the community

Green Star is a part of the future Exchange City, where many office buildings, offices and states companies, the administrative Ministry, lowrise and highrise residential projects will mix.

Also planned are common areas for public welfare such a cultural facilities, sports, schools, supermakets, medical services... and huge green space filled with trees will always provide us clean air and especially our green lake which almost covers an area of 15 ha... This is wher people connect with people, where community interaction with thrive. Green Stars - a whole community is waiting for you to connect.

Connected with the future

When your dream is pleasurely in the present with a solid foundation, you can look to the future with confidence.

Green Stars is not only just a solution for the present but also a foundation to help you connect with the future.

The master plan

The buildings are arranged around the lake in order to maximize visibility for all apartments as well as rhythm. The lanscaping creates a green axis through all buildings - A fully quite atmosphere and friendly to our nature.

Apartments and interior

We do no only focus on the external landscape. The arrangement and wquipment inside are also chosen carefully with subtle details that makes a difference. One of the criteria of the project is focusing on the residents needs while showing class and elegance. Our exprienced interior designers from Singapore have made the optimal solution to provide the whole community a most harmonious living space.

Advanced facilities

Besides the convenience of public facilities, Green Stars also focused on devloping recreation space and sports facilities such as football fields, green parks, children's parks and other facilities such as libraries, supermarkets, restaurants and office areas - all this to meet the maximum of the needs for the community. In terms of health care and enjoying the fresh air. Green Stars will be the ideal destination for wise investors.

Developer and partners

- The developer: An Binh Stars Joint Stock Company: was founded by big, experienced and enthusiatic shareholders in field of consultancy and investment in real estate projects as: Geleximco Group, Hanoi Construction Corporation, Bao Viet Group.
- Project management: Archetype Group (France)
- General design contractor/ Landscape design: CPG Corp (Singapore)
- Construction design review: Bidecons (Vietnam)
- Interior design: Transform Architects (Vietnam)
- Construction management: Delta (Vietnam)
- Development review: Savills (Vietnam)
- Marketing and sales: CB Richard Ellis (Vietnam)
- Underground & main construction contrators: Bauer Vietnam Ltd.

For further information, please contact:

An Binh Stars Joint Stock Company
Add: 234 Pham Van Dong str., Co Nhue wrd, Tu Liem dist., Hanoi
Hotline: 84.4.3784 0999.

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