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VNRE - Egypt – a mysterious land, an ancient cradle of the civilization of mankind. Sphinx – a statue with the head of a human and the body of a lion embodies King Thutmosis III or Queen Hatshepsut. It is described in Egyptian holy books that Sphinx means the “King” of all Kings of human race, and the Power of Nature as well.

A hidden ecological park and river quay

The Golf Course overlooks pure and calm flows of three sides, stretching along Thay Cai River, connecting Sai Gon River with Vam Co Dong River. The Golf Course is on the border between Hoc Mon and Cu Chi which is considered a very important waterway. It takes around 30 minutes by canoe from Thao Dien, District 2 or 40 minutes from Bach Dang Boat Station to the Golf Course.

Located in the historical legacy land of 18 traditional Betel Garden Villages where are renowned for beautiful betel gardens and palm trees with plenty of villages specializing in jasmine cultivation. The Golf Course is 2 km away from the highway 22-the Trans-Asia road which eventually connects Asia to Europe in the near future. From bustling and hustling Saigon, one can follow this road to the quiet capital Pnom Penh of Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, and through other prosperous countries of the Middle East and splendid capitals of European countries as well.

Yacht on the River in the Sunset on the West.

Just a few minutes away from the city centre, one can escape from the hustle of the city and step into the another world- a greenary heaven on the West of Saigon, a peaceful countryside.Crossing the riverside villas hidden behind charming ivy frames, one will feel the natural scents in the wind whilst surfing through the river by boat to get the golf course.

The fresh, windy atmosphere, the sun's warmth and the scent of plants – all mingle with together and make a special feeling - a peaceful moment in the countryside that is still remembered from your vague memory of childhood dreams.

Schmidt-Curley and the world’s best golf courses

Schmidt-Curley is the leading golf course design corporation in the U.S. The two talented designers, Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley have created plenty of well-known Golf Courses in the world such as: Mission Hills Shenzen; Mission Hills Haikou;Bali Hai Golf Club, Las Vegas Wilderness Club;Amanta Spring Country Club;Vybinas Golf Club; Blackstone Golf Cousre Tone Forest International C.c

C.T Sphinx Golf Club & Residences is the first Golf Course designed by Schmidt-Curley in Vietnam at a stratigic location in Southeast Asia.

Enjoy other amenities of life at club house

Nowadays, more and more companies having their meetings held at golf courses. Conference center that is well-equipped can accommodate thousands of guests. Additionally, with riverside restaurants, hi-class fashion showroom, golf items and coffee-bar-wine lounge, it is great to enjoy the wonderful moment of the life while sensing subtle perfume from palm tree’s flowers in cool breath of air.

After a hard working day, you can stay overnight at the villa, closing your eyes and let your body be lifted by the water in the swimming pool which is considered as a blue crystal in a dessert, and enjoying the twinkling stars in the infinite space.

Riverside garden villas on the high rise windy land

What great it is if you own a villa designed with your own taste or a European-style villa with is in harmony with art and beauty of nature. It’s the green garden of betel and fragrant jasmine, and palm trees in a blazing red sunset is the picture from nature for the owner of the garden house with Vietnamese traditional roof tiles.

Furthermore, along Thay Cai River is the outstanding feature of the Mediterranean-style villas. All villas here own the fresh immense vision of the golf course together with surrounding flowers and its own swimming pool.

Asian style modern villas

The villas with traditional roof tiles and precious timber with modern appliances will allow wider and cooler atmosphere in the room. In addition, advanced interiors created by superior craftsmanship design for a unique and cozy living in Saigon. Outdoor activities especially in the court yard surrounded with graceful chairs next to the swimming pool. Just taking a look at the villa, the owner’s characteristics can be realized – simple, cheerful, and fervid.

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